• Car Accident

    Car Auto Accident Lawyer Toronto
    A second of carelessness can have devastating life-altering consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or...
  • Accident Benefits

    Accident Lawyer Toronto
    Regardless of fault, any person injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to bring a claim for accident benefits. Claims can be made...
  • Slip and Fall

    Slip and Fall Lawyer Toronto
    Injuries caused by ice, spilled liquid, uneven pavement, fallen goods, poor lighting, neglected premises, and the like are no accident. Owners of private homes,...
  • Disability Law

    Disability Lawyer Toronto
    Many people rely on short-term or long-term disability benefits to help pay for living expenses while recovering from sickness or injury. Unfortunately, insurance companies...

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About Me

Passion, integrity, and dedication.

Choosing a lawyer is no easy task. There are thousands of lawyers to pick from. What sets Adrian Lomaga Personal Injury Law apart?

Since 2007, Adrian Lomaga has sought justice for personal injury victims. As a trial lawyer, Adrian Lomaga has handled numerous cases and appeals, and won! Persevering on his clients’ behalf and fighting against insurance companies, he has secured many judgments for his clients.

As an expert in personal injury law, Adrian Lomaga specifically knows how to handle a personal injury case, from start to finish. He knows how to determine the legal issues that are pertinent to your particular matter and the evidence that is needed to maximize your probability of success.

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Vision & Results

  • Dedication
    Work with a personal injury lawyer who has dedicated his career to securing justice for victims.
  • Contacts
    Get access to a team of top medical professionals and other experts.
  • Expertise
    Work with an expert in personal injury law.
  • Reputation
    Reap the benefits of Adrian Lomaga’s sterling reputation.